Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Lights Are Still On

We're running down to my last three weeks at the power company. It's been eight years there and 35 years working in the utility industry. I've had a great career and was able to make a difference wherever I've been. It's also been the career that is now allowing my to move on to my next evolution and growth as an artist.

Mackie and are planning on exhibiting in west coast shows from May through October, and southeast shows in December through April. Our website (www.cliftonmetalworks.com) has our current schedule through December. We'll be updating our website in December with next springs shows as it irons out next year.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Is it Really August or Is This My New Apprentice?

July was a busy month and I'm terrible at keepiing my writings up. So, here's my 437th attempt on a New Year's resolution to be better at this.

My last writing found Mackie and I in the bay area for the Walnut Creek and Novato shows. six shows later we are still going strong and getting ready for our September shows. That's in addition to all of the projects that Mackie has on my honey-dew list. Fortunately, Nathan, our oldest son is helping out with a number of chores that allows me to keep in the shop. And then there is Sherman.

Sherman is our minature Schnauzer that keeps us on track and our He discovered us when we were in Bandon, Oregon at the Cranberry Festival. The local Humane Society had rescued his family from a puppy mill. He's been a joy in our lives ever since then.

Back to the shows. Our last show was in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and it was a great weekend. The weather was especially nice considering that we had just finished a week of a 100+ weather at home.

We'll be in Palo Alto in a few weeks for the festival of the arts. I really love Palo Alto. There is an old theatre down town that shows older movies that has been restored. It's an incredible walk back in time. The theatre is decorated with lovely red and gold tassels across the front of the screen, and drapes seem to run from the floor to the ceiling. There is a mezzanine raises above the back 30 or so rows of seats. Its always been packed whenever we are there.

There is an organ player that is playing up front in the middle of the stage. When the movie starts, the organ and player slowly move before the stage as the curtin opens, and the movie begins. The Malteese Falcon was the first film we saw that, and it was my first time seeing Humphrey Bogart on the big screen. Incredible.

Let's see if I can keep this resolution.

I almost forgot about the fish. These are three fish that I created for Lloyd. He has an incredible back yard and now has a school (eight with these three) fish swimming around his back yard. Nice.