Thursday, October 15, 2009

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

Mackie and I are in Half Moon Bay, California for the annual Pumpkin Festival and the weather here is spectacular! It's sunny and the sky is a beautiful blue with light clouds towards San Francisco.We got here late last night so we could spend a few days of R&R before the show. We got our rig parked and spent the morning having coffee and walking around the town.

Half Moon Bay is a quiet hamlet about 30 miles southwest of SF. We came in on highway 92 through numerous switchbacks and turns averaging 25-30 miles per hour. There are 10-12 pumpkin pullouts, they are made to look like farms but I've read that most of the pumpkins come from Oregon. Go figure. I've heard that during the weekend that traffic backs all the way from the town out to the interstate. We made the mistake our first year of trying to leave town about three hours after the show; I recall that it took us over three hours to get back to San Francisco. Now we have dinner and go to bed and head out at three in the morning.

I can't begin to estimate the number of people that come for the show this weekend, but I've read estimate of over 100,000. It's real hard for me to estimate those kind of numbers. The is basically on one street and runs for approximately seven blocks. The booths are back-to-back down the street's centerline making for a nice venue for the artists and patrons that come to shop.

MLA productions - AKA Mary Lou Adkins - promotes the show. We do three of her shows and Mackie and I really enjoy working with her and their staff. They are real professionals and always have some little extras for the artists including: coffee and muffins in the morning; soda and snacks in the afternoon; and even suntan lotion packs for us. It's the little things in life that counts!

You can read more about the show at - www.mlaproductions.com/HalfMoonBay/index.html