Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boise Art Museum Show

Mackie and I got back from Boise a few days back and in one word - HUGE. The show that is. There are a ton of booths in three defined areas. While there is some fine art, I'd say the majority is fine craft with a smidgeon of buy and sell. The show and jury do a fine job of keeping most of the garbage out, but invaribly, some of it makes it into most shows.

The photos do not do justice to just how large this show really is.

We had a great time and Mackie did a great job in setting up the booth. Hey, I did lots of the packing in; washing my hair; took a shave. Ok. Just the packing in.

The weather was in another one word...HOT. Eesh. They told me that it rained last year. Well, I'm the guy who always says I'm going to go where the weather suits my clothes. So no complaining about the weather.

This Friday we're heading to Lafayette, Califorina for their annual art and wine festival, and next to Genoa for the Candy Dance the following weekend. The Lafayette show is fun because we get to see many of our old friends, and the Candy Dance is just plain fun.

We do a number of shows in the east bay area and people are so nice, and that's not because the show thier appreaciation by purchasing our art work. People constantly invite Mackie and I into thier homes and are enjoyable to be around. Genoa is a little town, little is an understatement, that is between Carson City and Lake Tahoe. There are no street lights and the town explodes to about 40K people during the show. One of my favorite spots is the oldest thirst parlor in Nevada - the Genoa Bar. The place is cool.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Retirement on 09-09-09

I retired from corportate America today. For the past seven years I've held various positions at PacifiCorp, and do to the hard work of my wife, Mackie, and I, I was able to retire to focus on my art career. Most of this is do to the efforts, support, and hard work my wife puts in. I owe her so much and I love her. Now its on to our next journey.

We have nothing but opportunities and options that are available to us. Both of us feel fortunate in that we have so much support for our artwork at our shows. We'll now have more time to dedicate to what each of us are intrested in. It's metal for me and glass for Mackie.

Our next journey is going to be quite interesting for it's really two parts. First, we've bought a second house back east, and second we're expanding into the southwest this year. Next year, we'll be expanding to the eastern US.