Saturday, March 1, 2014

First Shop Day of March

It's the beginning of another cold month in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm crack-a-lackin' in the shop. It's all over the board how I get my ideas. Sometimes I doodle on whatever piece of scratch paper is lying around, or I scratch on some steel with some chalk, or I just start welding some steel together.

Photo: Here's a sample of the "high quality" drawings I do for ideas. It's a good thing I can work with metal!

This is one project I started, or rather continued today. The photo below started out as four squares that I had something in mind that didn't work out...about a year ago. They started out as four squares and i just didn't feel it.So, there they set under one of the work benches until the spirit hits me.

Then I came up with the idea today to cut the square corners and add the rounded corners to each piece. My next plan is to paint each square a different color and then add a letter to each one; I'll figure that part out one of these days. Actually, I'm planning on having these finished by next weekend and having them for the Best of the Northwest show in Seattle on March 29-30.

Photo: I started with some recycled steel and I'm going to add some letters to create a word. HELP! How  about some ideas?