Friday, November 2, 2012

Oregon Society of Artists

The Oregon Society of Artists is a wonderful non-profit organization that promotes arts through their gallery, and a number of different classes in a wide variety of mediums. This group has over 600 active members and has their own beautiful building in downtown Portland, Oregon.

I become a member through my friendship with the group's president William Woods. Bill and I have known each other for over 20 years while we worked together in the utility industry. It was about eight years ago through a conversation that we realized that we both loved and created art. My wife, Mackie, and I had already been creating and selling art for a number of years at this time, but we really kept it to ourselves to friends at work.

Bill had asked me to come up with a presentation about the experiences Mackie and I had and offer tips to encourage others in their desire to promote their art work. Bill has traveled with me twice across country, helped me with art shows in California, and we've exhibited together in the Portland area. He'd seen first hand the enjoyment we get from the stories and smiles that we get from the folks who've invested in our artwork over the years.

About 30 people showed up and we had a great discussion about the journey Mackie and I have been on, and how there are many paths for one to travel on their own successful journey. The hour flew by and hopefully I was able to encourage them to experience the joys they can create for themselves on their own journey.