Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Retirement on 09-09-09

I retired from corportate America today. For the past seven years I've held various positions at PacifiCorp, and do to the hard work of my wife, Mackie, and I, I was able to retire to focus on my art career. Most of this is do to the efforts, support, and hard work my wife puts in. I owe her so much and I love her. Now its on to our next journey.

We have nothing but opportunities and options that are available to us. Both of us feel fortunate in that we have so much support for our artwork at our shows. We'll now have more time to dedicate to what each of us are intrested in. It's metal for me and glass for Mackie.

Our next journey is going to be quite interesting for it's really two parts. First, we've bought a second house back east, and second we're expanding into the southwest this year. Next year, we'll be expanding to the eastern US.

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