Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wall Fish

Some people want a corporate career, what the neighbor has, or chocolate. But working in the shop on new work is what I thrive on. And, in about six months, that is where I should be spending most of the time.

I finished a few pieces today including this wall fish. He doesn't have his glass eye yet, but Mackie is the talented one for that. This is the first time that I've made a wall fish that uses a similar technique I developed last year with creating a frame and then adding skeleton key, I believe I coined the term but maybe heard it on the cartoon channel, over the frame. This piece is slightly over two feet from nose to tail.

Mackie and I are on the hunt for our new home. She's looking at a few fixers on ebay, and she just told me about an artist relocation program in Palestine, Illinois. I took a look at thier website and the last news they posted was in 2007. So, I'm not sure how much commitment there is for that program there. Paducah is still looking good,a nd I had a brief conversation with Pat from the city the other day and she was full of information.

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