Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're Back!

Ok already. Mackie and I have made it back from St. Louis. We're actually in full swing with the art shows, and I'm sure I can come up with a few more excuses why I've been in remiss. Oh the stories I could tell.

Our vacation was interesting. We had the opportunity to visit with our daugter in St. Louis, visit friends in Douglasville, Georgia, and visit with my brother's family in Troy, Ohio. Along the way we ate at two different Cracker Barrell's and two Waffle House's (I'm not sure if there is a correlation here), and had Martin's Chicken and biskits for breakfast one morning. Whew. And all that in seven days!

There were many things to see, but the big chicken in Marietta, Georgia was one of my favorite. Kentucky Fried Chicken (no endorsements from me as I'm a Popeye's Chicken fan) had it built way back. I understand KFC was going to remove it at one time, and the community were up and arms. KFC backed down and it stands as one of the remaining roadside attractions from days long gone.

On the leg of our trip from St. Louis to Douglasville, we got stopped on the interstate between Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennesse. A tornado had touched down and crossed the freeway leaving a torn open truck and what looked to be an endless supply of firewood. I was very impressed with how quickly the Tennessee department of transportation re-opened the interstate - we were moving in about an hour! Hats off to those folks.

More to come later...

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