Saturday, September 18, 2010

Model T

 Awhile back I got a call from a friend in Iowa to discuss a present for his father's 80th birthday.  His father is very interested in cars, and he wanted to know if I could make a replica of a model T his father had.  After a few photos and some discussion I started to build the car from a variety of recycled materials.  I decided to document my process and took photos of every key step.  Here's the link to my Picassa album http://picasaweb.google.com/jl12118/ModelT#.  Each photo has a description of what I'm doing.

I started by creating the spoked wheel from some pipe and 20 penny nails.  Then I built the body from the ground up.  It took me about three days to create the piece. 

This was a real challenge but I sure had a great time creating the piece, and it was even better when he called me and told me what a hit it was and how pleased his father was at his party.  He especially liked that the wheels and steering wheel worked!

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