Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giving Back - Mentoring to High School Students

This is the one day that I don't get to go to the shop but instead donate my time to a group of high school students that are building a robot to enter the First Robotics Competion www.usfirst.org .  The organization was founded by Dean Kamen, the guy who invented the Segway, to get kids excited about math, science, and engineering. 

My role involves being a cheer leader and providing advice on construction, engineering, and Jack-of-all-trades know all that I've been able to store over the past half century.  The kids bring enthusiasm and the knuckle twisting skills to build these things. 

The group is doing pretty good, but we're having some trouble with the TI Jaguar controller.  Yeah.  Too much for too many of the artists in us.  But if someone has some experience with these, just drop me a line.

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