Sunday, February 12, 2012

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

First, thank you to everyone that stopped and visited with us at this show.  We are constantly humbled by the support and encouragement that we receive from people all across the country.  Thank you!

We just finished a five day run at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, Washington.  It's five days of show (really six when I count the extra set up day), 48 hours of face-to-face time with about 40,000 people, meeting new friends, and lets not forget the joy of the Seattle Convention Center food.......

The show is at the Seattle Convention Center in downtown Seattle, and the building is amazing for it's maze-like organization that can send the most direction oriented person to leap onto Interstate 5 - the building is built over the Interstate, and the architect did a wonderful job designing a park and gardens that surround the structure.  Also, there's some real amazing art located throughout the structure from ancient Chinese urns to Dale Chihuly's glass.

I met an interesting lady that is an art teacher in the area.  We talked about my designs and work, and she asked if I could draw.  I started laughing because it's the one thing that I'm terrible with and expressed it so.  She said that she thought so and that I had a Dr. Seuss style.  She then told me the story that he could not draw, and that's how the characters turned out in his books.  Wow, to be in such company is pretty cool!

Overall the show was a great experience, and Mackie and I met some great new friends in Mark and Kristen our neighbors.  Incredibly nice people that we'll look forward to spending time with in the future. 

This little guy is a bird bath that Mackie and I collaborated on together.  She made an incredible purple streaked pottery bowl that's removable to clean and store in the winter, and I created the cat and stand from all recycled materials.  He's the People's Choice Award for the best sculpture at the show, and he was adopted by a great family in Graham, Washington.  This was one of the tough ones for me to see go.

One week from Tuesday we'll be setting up in Portland, Oregon for the Home and Garden Show so it's back to work for me tomorrow morning in the shop...I can't wait.


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