Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planning for Shows

Some artists want the world to acknowledge their great work; some artists just dream about displaying their work somewhere and maybe sell a few pieces; and their are some of us that are serious not only about making great art, but are willing to put the time in to sell it.  Our challenge is to find the best venues so that we may share our vision with those that are willing to make an investment for us so we can continue down our journey.

Planning for shows seems to be a daily chore.  It's funny when people ask me a shows, "do you just show up for this and sell what you have"?  I explain the process and most are pretty stunned at our process of paying money to apply, and get rejected by many, and then pay more money to exhibit.  I can see the delusions of grandeur disappear the more information that I share with them.  "It's all about the lifestyle", I explain to them. It's easy to understand why they have such a hard time with it.

Being an artist may be one of the last professions that allows one to be truly free with endless opportunities available to all depending on how hare one wants to work.  Be smart and work hard and the rewards are there. Pay attention to what people will spend their hard earned money on, and how much they will spend on it. Being an artist is as much about psychology as it is about making art.

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