Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrap Yards and Other Such Novelties

Here's the answer to a question that I hear at every show. “Do you just find the stuff that you work with on the road?” I go into the explanation but I find that a photo is really worth a thousand words. Here's some photos of a tractor graveyard that my brother tracked down in Ohio. 

What's trash to some is creative opportunity around every corner.  Tractors, plows, discs, gears, bearings, and bolts - oh my!  This is an incredible treasure trove of antique and modern farm equipment.  Fortunately for me, much of it is perfect for sculptures.

 I had my brother packing parts all over the place; hey I bought him a drink at the local Subway.  It's amazing how they've sprung up all over rural America. 

More great stuff! We filled up the back of my Dodge pick up, and I'm back in Florida cutting, grinding, and welding these parts into new sculptures that I'll have at the next three shows: the Troy Strawberry Festival in Troy, Ohio; the Glass, Clay, and Metal show in Royal Oak, Michigan; and the Recycled Arts Festival in Vancouver, Washington.

See you soon!

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