Friday, June 3, 2011

On the Road in Cleveland, Tennessee

This week I'm on the road back for shows in Ohio and Michigan, and I'm thinking about my exciting life as a traveling artist.

It's a few minutes after 7 AM and I've been driving for just over an hour this morning.  I pulled over and stopped in Cleveland, Tennessee for a few minutes of rest and breakfast at McDonald's - nothing but the finest for us!  Cleveland is a few minutes north of Chattanooga on Interstate 75 in a beautiful hilly wooded setting.  Unfortunately, that will be the extent of what I can share with you because I've got to get back on the road.  It's typical of what I know about so many cities that I visit as I criss-cross America. 

This trip is about a 1,000 mile drive from our Florida home and time is a consideration for this time of year.  It's show time and many people depend on me to get there dreams created, and I love to see happy people.  There are times where I'd really love to be able to print something out and display it, but I don't believe that it would cut it with many of you.

Driving and working with the road are part of the challenges in getting to the next show.  Last night, a truck through a tire some ways in front of me, and as I saved the truck from catching the tire, the passenger side trailer fender was not so lucky.  The tire smacked the fender and dropped in front of the trailer tire which in turn whipped it upwards and under the fender.  Next, the fender ripped off save for two bolts and shorted out the trailer lights.  Hmm.  About 30 minutes before dark and what to do.  Hey, I'm an artist.

I dug out the tool chest, we keep it right by the trailer side door, and took off the fender.  The fuse was blown under the truck hood, and there wasn't any 20 amp mini fuses left.  Fortunately, I was about an hour south of Atlanta and there are plenty of truck stops looking forward to selling me what I needed.  All together I was only down about 30 minutes and back on the road heading north of Atlanta - I like to get north to miss the morning traffic through the city.

It was about 11:45 when I rolled into the first rest stop north of Atlanta for a few hours rest.  I set my clock for 6 AM just in case I dozed too long, but my body clock woke me about 5:30 and here I am.  A few more sips of coffee, drop off my tray, and hit the road. 

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