Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's That TIme of Year

Mackie and I are working our fingers to the bone getting ready for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. It never fails that we're working right up until that last minute when we have to leave town and head off. The challenge is new ideas are constantly coming to one of us, and it's hard to not want to create another piece. That perfect piece...Until inspiration inspires another wonderful work of art.

That's me welding on a three foot or so in diameter peace sign. I wish we had some photos of Mackie grinding and polishing. I often thing that's a lot tougher than what I'm doing.

It's a wonderful process. Taking recycled steel sheet that's full of one life and letting the metal talk to me in creating a new incredible piece. All these and more will be in Seattle next week at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. We'll be in the convention center next Wednesday through Sunday. However, if you're going to be in Portland this Sunday. Stop by and see us at the Boy's Fort Gallery. The show is Get your Heart On! and features a number of our new hearts and other select works.


The boys really know how to put on a show. Linda Lovely and her band will be playing prohibition era jazz and blues from 1-4. Mackie and I will be there - come see us.

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