Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Bird of Paradise

There's so many ideas and so little time to get everything created that is in my mind that it's sometimes difficult to think what I'm going to do next. Good thing I like silverware.

Remember when you went fishing as a kid. Ok, maybe some of you didn't but I was fortunate to spend many a days doing this in West Virginia. We lived in Richwood, West Virginia near my father's mother, and my cousin and I would take our poles down to the river and fish by the bridge. Velveta cheese was our bait of choice and while I can't remember catching a lot of fish, I can remember seeing trout sparkling in the sunlight.

It was often only a quick glimmer and that was the inspiration for this fellow.

I started with a wire frame and attached silverware handles one-by-one. The tail is created from butter knife blades, and the horseshoe was for fun. And last was a piece of an old saw blade for the top fin.

Our next show begins on February 18th in Portland, Oregon. Check the show schedule on our website at www.cliftonmetalworks.com for details.

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