Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We're back in the shop after a very long weekend at the show. Five days with most being from 10-8 makes Mackie and Joe a little sore. Even worse, I've managed to hurt my arm and my butt over the past two days. I'm not complaining and I actually see some humor in all of it.

Working with fire and metal have incredible benefits and challenges. First, I like the immediacy of creating art with welding steel together. However, the burns and cuts can be just as quick. But the good we can do with our extra work, and putting smiles on people's faces is what makes it all worthwhile.

There is a joy we have in creating art that is matched by the people's hearts we are allowed to touch. I've often heard other artists complain about potential customers not buying their art. It's always that the people don't appreciate their work, or the weather, or the economy. Most of it is bologna. The reality is that displaying art at shows is a business, and if you don't want to become the greatest collector of your own work - listen to what people are telling you. Yes, you have to sort out the comments to determine what's valuable to you and not. But, when you do your art will respond.

There is no greater gift when someone trades their hard-earned dollars for your equally thoughtful created one-of-a-kind work of art.

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