Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Mackie and I feel that it's our responsibility to take action in our own community. We feel very fortunate to have the success and security we have, and we attempt to encourage others to support what is important to them.

Over the past two weeks we're providing four sculptures for local charities including the Mt Hood Community College Scholarship fund, Serendipity Center, and Cares Northwest. The scholarship fund is self-explanitory, but the other two deserve some information.

The Serendipity Center provides specialized education and support for children that need something extra than is available through the public education system. More can be read at http://www.serendipitycenter.org/ .

CARES NW provides medically-based child abuse assesment and intervention program based in Portland, Oregon. It provides support and a place for these children to heal. You can read more at http://www.caresnw.org/

We encourage you to take a look around you, and if possible, give a hand to the many good charities that support your community

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