Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Kinetic Art

I've been working on a number of kinetic pieces for the last few years and this is the latest work that I've just finished. I decided to work with mild steel for the propeller and the moon head because of the cost for stainless steel and copper. Folks in general also seem to like the patina the mild steel will get once it begins to oxidize from nature. There is nothing like "nature's paint" I always like to say...But I sure like shiny stainless steel too.

This piece was created using an old bicycle's moving neck and pedal gears. It was some work taking everything apart, cleaning it, re-oiling it, and finally reassembling everything. The first one of anything new is always the most precious. This piece will be in our year, but we're happy to create something similar based on your vision.

Send me an email at joe@cliftonmetalworks.com with your contact information and we'll talk about possibilities.

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